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CART Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors: Pipeline update Sep2019

CAR T cell therapy has been a success in hematological malignancies. The FDA and EMA approved CART19 (Kymriah & Yescarta) to treat pediatric relapsed or refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and for adult relapsed or refractory large B cell lymphoma in 2017 & 2018 respectively.

For solid tumors, CAR T cell therapy has shown promising results in early phase of clinical trials. Results of most of the trials are awaited. Here is the glimpse for recent pipeline update for all types of CART therapies in development for solid tumors:

 Type of CARTSolid Tumor TypeClinical PhaseNCT
1CD147-CARTRecurrent GlioblastomaEarly Phase 1NCT04045847
2CD147-CARTAdvanced Hepatocellular CarcinomaPhase INCT03993743
3LeY CAR T cellsAdvanced Cancer (Not specified)Phase INCT03851146
4 CAR-T cells targeting HER2, Mesothelin, PSCA, MUC1, Lewis-Y, or CD80/86Lung CancerPhase INCT03198052
5MUC-1 CART cell immunotherapyIntrahepatic CholangiocarcinomaPhase I/IINCT03633773
6CAR-T cells targeting EpCAMNeoplasm, Stomach|Metastases, Neoplasm|Neoplasm SeedingPhase INCT03563326
7CAR T Cells Targeting EpCAMColon Cancer|Esophageal Carcinoma|Pancreatic Cancer|Prostate Cancer|Gastric Cancer|Hepatic CarcinomaPhase I/IINCT03013712
8 Sarcoma-specific CAR-T cells (CD133, GD2, Muc1, CD117 or other marker positive sarcoma)Sarcoma|Osteoid Sarcoma|Ewing SarcomaPhase I/IINCT03356782
9Anti-CTLA-4/PD-1 expressing MUC1-CAR-TAdvanced Solid Tumor (Not specified)Phase I/IINCT03179007
10PD-L1 CAR-T cellsAdvanced Lung CancerPhase INCT03330834
11GD2, PSMA, Muc1 or Mesothelin positiveCervical CancerPhase I/IINCT03356795
12GPC3 targeting CAR-T cellsHepatocellular Carcinoma|Squamous Cell Lung CancerPhase INCT03198546
13Anti-HER2 CAR-TBreast Cancer|Ovarian Cancer|Lung Cancer|Gastric Cancer|Colorectal Cancer|Glioma|Pancreatic CancerPhase I/IINCT02713984
141RG-CARTRelapsed or Refractory NeuroblastomaPhase INCT02761915
15c-Met/PD-L1 CAR-T cell injectionPrimary Hepatocellular CarcinomaEarly Phase 1NCT03672305
16EGFR806-specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cellCentral Nervous System Tumor, Pediatric|Glioma|Ependymoma|Medulloblastoma|Germ Cell Tumor|Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor|Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor|Choroid Plexus Carcinoma|PineoblastomaPhase INCT03638167
17anti-CTLA-4/PD-1 expressing EGFR-CAR-TAdvanced Solid Tumor (Not specified)Phase I/IINCT03182816
18HER2-specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cellCentral Nervous System Tumor, Pediatric|Glioma|Ependymoma|Medulloblastoma|Germ Cell Tumor|Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor|Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor|Choroid Plexus Carcinoma|PineoblastomaPhase INCT03500991
19CAR-T therapy for Nectin4/FAPNectin4-positive Advanced Malignant Solid TumorPhase INCT03932565
20CAR-T cells recognizing EpCAMMalignant Neoplasm of Nasopharynx TNM Staging Distant Metastasis (M)|Breast Cancer RecurrentPhase INCT02915445
21GD2-CART01Neuroblastoma|Neuroblastoma RecurrentPhase I/IINCT03373097
22C7R-GD2.CART cellsRelapsed Neuroblastoma|Refractory NeuroblastomaPhase INCT03635632
23CART-EGFRAdvanced EGFR-positive Solid Tumors (lung cancer, colorectal cancer, ovary cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer, renal carcinoma and other relapsed/metastatic tumors)Phase I/IINCT01869166
24anti-EGFR CAR TAdvanced GliomaPhase INCT02331693
25EGFR806 CAR T CellPediatric Solid Tumor|Germ Cell Tumor|Retinoblastoma|Hepatoblastoma|Wilms Tumor|Rhabdoid Tumor|Carcinoma|Osteosarcoma|Ewing Sarcoma|Rhabdomyosarcoma|Synovial Sarcoma|Clear Cell Sarcoma|Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors|Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor|Soft Tissue Sarcoma|NeuroblastomaPhase INCT03618381
26Anti-CEA-CAR TLung Cancer|Colorectal Cancer|Gastric Cancer|Breast Cancer|Pancreatic CancerPhase INCT02349724
27Mesothelin-directed CAR-T cellsSolid Tumor, Adult (Pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma cancer and ovarian cancer)Phase INCT03747965
28anti-MESO CAR-T cellsOvarian CancerPhase I/IINCT03916679
29Anti-GD2 CARTNeuroblastomaPhase IINCT02765243
30EGFRvIII CAR T cellsGlioblastoma|GliosarcomaPhase INCT02664363
31CART-HER-2Advanced HER-2 Positive Solid Tumors|Chemotherapy Refactory|HER-2 Antibody Inhibitor Therapy Refactory ((breast cancer, gastric cancer, hepatic carcinoma, endometrial cancer and ovary cancer)Phase I/IINCT01935843
32PSMA-TGF?RDN CAR T cellsProstate CancerPhase INCT03089203
33HER2-CAR T CellsHER2/Neu Positive|Malignant Neoplasm|Metastatic Malignant Neoplasm in the Brain|Metastatic Malignant Neoplasm in the LeptomeningesPhase INCT03696030
34CARTmeso CART19Pancreatic CancerEarly Phase 1NCT03497819
35CART-EGFRvIII T cellsGlioblastomaPhase INCT03726515
36CTLA-4/PD-1 antibodies expressing mesoCAR-TAdvanced Solid Tumor (Not specified)Phase I/IINCT03182803
37LMP1-CAR-T cellsNasopharyngeal NeoplasmsPhase I/IINCT02980315
38anti-mesothelin CAR-T cellsSolid Tumor, Adult (Not specified)Phase INCT03545815
39Retroviral vector-transduced autologous T cells to express anti-GPC3 CARsHepatocellular CarcinomaPhase I/IINCT03084380
40Autologous Anti-PSCA-CAR-4-1BB/TCRzeta-CD19t-expressing T-lymphocytesCastration Levels of Testosterone|Castration-Resistant Prostate Carcinoma|Metastatic Prostate Carcinoma|PSA Progression|Stage IV Prostate Cancer AJCC v8|Stage IVA Prostate Cancer AJCC v8|Stage IVB Prostate Cancer AJCC v8|PSCA PositivePhase INCT03873805
41anti-CD133-CAR vector-transduced T cellsLiver Cancer|Pancreatic Cancer|Brain Tumor|Breast Cancer|Ovarian Tumor|Colorectal CancerPhase I/IINCT02541370
42Corticosteroids & tanCART19/20Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum DisorderPhase INCT03605238
43huCART-meso cellsPancreatic CancerPhase INCT03323944
444SCAR-PSMA-T CellBladder Cancer|Urothelial Carcinoma BladderPhase I/IINCT03185468
45anti-meso-CAR vector transduced T cellsMalignant Mesothelioma|Pancreatic Cancer|Ovarian Tumor|Triple Negative Breast Cancer|Endometrial Cancer|Other Mesothelin Positive TumorsPhase INCT02580747
46Patient Derived CD171 specific CAR T cells expressing EGFRt (2nd generation T cells)Neuroblastoma|GanglioneuroblastomaPhase INCT02311621
47Autologous T Cells Expressing MET scFv CAR (RNA CART-cMET)Malignant Melanoma|Breast CancerEarly Phase 1NCT03060356
48CAR T-Cells Targeting the GD2 With IL-15+iCaspase9NeuroblastomaPhase INCT03721068
49GLYCAR T cellsHepatocellular CarcinomaPhase INCT02905188
504SCAR-GD2Solid Tumor (Not specified)Phase I/IINCT02992210
51PD-1 antibody expressing mesoCAR-T cellsAdvanced Solid Tumor (Malignant mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer)Phase I/IINCT03615313
52IL13Ralpha2-specific Hinge-optimized 4-1BB-co-stimulatory CAR/Truncated CD19-expressing Autologous TN/MEM CellsRecurrent Glioblastoma|Refractory GlioblastomaPhase INCT04003649
53EGFRvIII-CARsRecurrent Glioblastoma|Recurrent GliosarcomaPhase INCT03283631
54GAP T cellsLiver Cancer PediatricPhase INCT02932956
55huCART-meso cellsLung Adenocarcinoma|Ovarian Cancer|Peritoneal Carcinoma|Fallopian Tube Cancer|Mesotheliomas Pleural|Mesothelioma PeritoneumPhase INCT03054298
56iCasp9M28z T cell infusionsMalignant Pleural Disease|Mesothelioma|Metastases|Lung Cancer|Breast CancerPhase INCT02414269
57ROR1 CAR-specific Autologous T-LymphocytesEstrogen Receptor Negative|HER2/Neu Negative|Progesterone Receptor Negative|Recurrent Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia|Recurrent Mantle Cell Lymphoma|Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia|Stage IV Breast Cancer AJCC v6 and v7|Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer AJCC v7|Triple-Negative Breast CarcinomaPhase INCT02706392
58HER2-specific T cellsBrain Tumor, Recurrent|Brain Tumor, RefractoryPhase INCT02442297
59EBV-TCR-T (YT-E001) cellsNasopharyngeal CarcinomaPhase IINCT03648697
60GD2 T cellsOsteosarcoma|NeuroblastomaPhase INCT01953900
61CAR-CLDN18.2 T-CellsAdvanced Solid Tumor (Advanced gastric cancer, esophagogastric junction cancer, and pancreatic cancer)Phase INCT03874897
62OC-IgT cellsOvarian CancerPhase I/IINCT03184753
63CAdVECBladder Cancer|Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma|Cancer of the Salivary Gland|Lung Cancer|Breast Cancer|Gastric Cancer|Esophageal Cancer|Colorectal Cancer|Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaPhase INCT03740256
64Antigen-specific IgT cellsGlioblastoma Multiforme of Brain|Glioblastoma MultiformePhase INCT03170141
65Autologous HER2-specific T cellsSarcomaPhase INCT00902044
66 Lung cancer-specific T cells (MAGE-A1, MAGE-A4, MucI, GD2, and mesothelin,)Lung CancerPhase I/IINCT03356808
67iC9-GD2 T Cells - frozenNeuroblastomaPhase INCT01822652
68CD19CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing Tcm-enriched T-lymphocytesGlioblastoma|HER2/Neu Positive|Malignant Glioma|Recurrent Glioma|Refractory Glioma|WHO Grade III GliomaPhase INCT03389230

For more information for CART cell therapy pipeline, please contact at [email protected]

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